Physical Therapy Assistant Information


Physical Therapy Aide

Physical Therapy Aide

A career as a physical therapy assistant can be rewarding. Assistants are required to help the main therapist when clients receive therapy.

Learn more about this career and what the best physical therapy schools are. More than 4,500 people graduated in 2010 with a degree as a physical therapy assistant. However, more jobs are being made available for future assistants.

What does a physical therapy assistant do?

Assistants help the therapist on treating patients with injuries and dangerous physical conditions. It is common for therapists to apply ice or heat the body, help patients walk or use crutches, and help patients understand how to exercise to increase mobility.

What does a physical therapy assistant make?

The average assistant can expect to make around $50,000 per year. The highest paid assistants receive around 71,000 per year, but only a small 10% of these assistants make that much. Around 50% of assistants earn around 41,000 to 60,000. The majority of those who just graduated from school gain a PTA salary of around $38,000 in their first year. For the most up to date PTA salary info visit

Choosing between all of the physical therapy assistant schools

The way to choose the right is to find one that offers great courses and a respected curriculum. You need to understand the budget is important to think about. It is best to find a school that has already helped many students graduate and get jobs right after graduation.

What are the best physical therapy assistant schools?

- Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College has a wonderful physical therapy assistant program where you will be guided with the supervision of a licensed and professional physical therapist. Miami Dade College was one of the first few scools that had physical therapy assstant schools graduate. They provide students with the best possible experiences needed to acquire in order to function correctly in a clinic, hospital, or physical therapy treatment center. This college has been named one of the best for those interested in being a physical therapy assistant.

- Houston Community College

This community has had hundreds of people graduate as a physical therapy assistant. Their professional program has helped numerous people grow as an assistant and graduate in confidence knowing that they have the knowledge to land a job. They require students to go through practice sessions and lectures while helping you to develop the skills you need in a supervised lab setting. They take all students to the Texas Medical Center institutions to further their experience.

- Northern Viriginia Community College

This college requires students to take an information seminar to make sure that you are capable of having a career in this industry. Their students are put through rigorous lab settings to enhance assistant skills and professionalism when having to work with children. They are all taught to correctly work hard the right way and know what it is like to be in a work setting.

The world of assistants in the physical therapy industry are required to work hard and provide the help that the therapist needs. You are sort of going to be the additional help to care for the small things in the clinic when caring for a patient, so attending one of the best physical therapy schools is required to learn everything correctly. All information is taken from with their permission.

Physical Therapist Salary information

Physical Therapist Salary

Physical Therapist Salary

Physical therapists are involved with the treatment of various patients, including accident victims and people with disabling medical complications such as arthritis, diabetes or heart disease.

With the use of strengthening and stretching techniques, traction, electrotherapy, and other methods, professionals in this medical field prove to be highly helpful in improving the lives of their patients.

In order to become a physical therapist, you must spend a minimum of 7 years undertaking your Bachelor’s and Doctorate degree programs in the profession. Consequently, you will earn a reasonably high salary.

What is the Average Physical Therapist Salary?

The amount of money a physical therapist earns depends on a number of factors, including the location, the employer and one’s experience.

The physical therapist salary also depends on whether someone is salaried or has contracts with various other centers.
The average annual physical therapist salary was approximately $81,110 from 2012, based on the US BLS data. Some of the best professionals in this medical career make more than $112,020 each year.

Salary by State

In Nevada, physical therapists make an average of $110,670, based on the same study. This was the highest salary in DC and the entire country. Physical therapists working in California, New Jersey and Alaska also made $89,370, $ 89,830 and $89, 950 annually, respectively.

In Pennsylvania, you would earn approximately $76,210 each year. Physical therapists in Connecticut would earn an average salary of $84,730 while those in Massachusetts would earn an average of $76,500 per year.

Salary by Employer

The physical therapist salary can also vary depending on the employers, as some employers pay more than others. In 2012, these professionals earned $90,440 in the home medical sector.

Individuals who worked in daycare facilities or in employment centers received considerably high salaries of $86, 480 and $87, 030, respectively.

Those in employment center usually work for large organizations, assisting injured employees, so they can return to work faster.Using Physical therapists programs attached to nursing homes earned around $85,810 per year. If you work in a surgical or general medical facility, you earn a salary of $80,080 per annum.

Job prospects

It is estimated that there will be a 39% growth in employment over the next eight years, which is higher than the 14% increase rate predicted for all professions. Increases in the population of baby boomers should result in an increase in the number of jobs in this medical career.

Elderly people want to lead more active lifestyles as they approach their prime years and will require more physical therapy programs. They are also some of the people who are most likely to experience arthritis, strokes or heart attacks as they grow older, which can also increase physical therapy job openings.

Information on PTA Programs

 PTA Programs

PTA Programs

There are over 200 accredited physical therapy assistant programs in the US and individuals who want to get into the profession have to take a minimum of an associate’s degree from a reputable institution.

In order for a school or program to be approved by the DoE it has to be validated by CAPTE, the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. It ensures that all students receive quality education in preparation for their entry into the field.

Getting into the program

You need a high grade point average if you want better chances of your application getting accepted. It also helps if a student takes a lot of science-related subjects in high school, as well as languages and some additional clinical work in a health care facility. The coursework covers fields such as: biology, English, psychology, physiology, chemistry, and anatomy.

Online programs

A number of online programs do exists and are valid but CAPTE does not approve PTA classes done entirely online; there has to be a significant amount of time spent doing lab and clinical work in order for the student to acquire all-inclusive knowledge.

Fast-tracked programs

Most programs take 2 years to complete but a number of schools offer a fast-tracked option which may cost more but allow the student to advance faster through the training. The introductory course focuses mainly on the basic principles of PT and takes a look at relevant academics, offering preliminary education.

Students should contact the admissions office if they require more specific information regarding the program or schedule so they can adapt to it.

Through the program students are able to perform medical procedures such as handling rehab equipment, give treatments as prescribed by the PT and assist patients in pain management. Graduates of physical therapy assistant programs are better off taking continuing education in order to further their skill set and ensure that they stay updated and competitive.

Choosing the Right Physical Therapy assistant School {4 Important Questions You Need To Ask}

Physical Tharapy Schools

Physical Tharapy Schools

Choosing the right physical therapy assistant (PTA) school can have a significant impact on your career prospects.

The quality of physical therapy schools can vary, so before selecting a school it is important to do your research carefully. Here are four questions that you need to ask before selecting a physical therapy school.

Is the school properly accredited in your state?

Before studying at any physical therapy assistant school you need to make sure that it is properly accredited. Almost all states require that you study at an accredited physical therapy assistant program.

Some physical therapy assistant schools are not correctly accredited by the state and so any qualification that you earn will not allow you to become a registered physical therapy assistant.

This is particularly true of some online schools that do not meet the state licensing requirements. Look at the wording that the school uses carefully. If they are offering physical therapy “aide” training then this is not the same as a physical therapy assistant school.

PTA Programs & CAPTE

Completing a physical therapy aide training program will not make you qualified to practice as a physical therapy assistant in 48 out of 50 states.

The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy (CAPTE) is the accrediting body for Therapy Assistants. If you have any questions about whether your school is accredited or not, contact CAPTE for verification.

Does the school offer clinical experience?

Clinical experience is essential for a PTA bachelor program. Some courses allow you to complete sections of your program, such as anatomy, online.

But all accredited PTA associate degrees require clinical experience as part of completing the program. Degree programs which include both an online and offline component are known as hybrid PTA schools.

What perquisites are required to enter the school?

Depending on which school you select there may be different perquisites required. Find out what these perquisites are and make sure that you are able to meet them. This will ensure that application process will be smoother and more likely to be approved.

Most PTA degree programs require that you demonstrate that you have spent 50 – 150 hours working with physically challenged patients before beginning the course.

What requirements do you need to meet in order to become licensed in your state?

In order to become a registered or licensed physical therapy assistant there will typically be additional requirements that you need to meet.

This might include having a minimum number of hours on clinical experience or be certified in CPR. Check if your school will help you meet all of the requirements for your state.

A Guide to Physical Therapy Assistant Salary

4541248Becoming a physical therapy assistant is not only a fulfilling career it can also be a lucrative decision.

According to Statistics produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary for a physical therapist was $52,320 for the year ending May, 2012. This worked out an average of $25.51 per hour.

This was a rise of approximately 0.4% over the previous year’s figures.

Being employed as a physical therapy assistant is relatively well paid even when compared with other jobs in the healthcare profession. Dental technicians earn roughly a third less than physical therapy assistants and home health aides make only half their salary.

With just under 70,000 people employed as physical therapy assistants there is strong demand for this profession and wages look to be well supported in the future.

Factors such as the aging baby boomer population all seem to bode well for people interested in pursuing a career as a physical therapist assistant.

Where To Start As a PTA

If you are considering a career as a physical therapy assistant you may want to consider making a move to McAllen, Texas. According to a survey published by US News physical therapy assistants from McAllen earned the highest average salary making a comfortable $80,760 a year.

The following four top paid cities all were also located in Texas making this the best state for working as a physical therapy assistant. Other top paying states for physical therapy assistants included Nevada, New Jersey, California and Connecticut.

At the top end of the wage scale physical therapist assistants made the kind of salary that would make many people envious.

According to figures released in the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey the top 10% of physical therapist assistants earned an average $71,200. Even the lowest 10% earned $32,030 which is roughly equivalent to the average salary for a home health aide.

Factors which influence the amount paid for working as a physical therapy assistant are similar to those in many other professions including the number of years of experience, the place the therapist is employed and the location in the country. For the latest on PTA salaries visit thank you.

Speciality Experience

Physical therapy assistants with speciality experience in areas such as pediatric or sports therapy were also more likely to outperform their peers. This is because these therapy assistants had a better chance of being selected for high paid contracts which required this experience.

Overall the outlook for physical therapy assistants looks excellent, with steady employment in most parts of the country and a PTA salary which is comfortably above the national average in 2012 of $45,790.

Demographic changes with an aging population mean that physical therapy assistants can expect to enjoy steady increases in pay over the coming years.